Gear Chuck


Technical Features:

⚫Universal Gear Diaphragm Chucks are ideal for longer run

applications with infrequent changes. The chucking system adapts

to many different gear configurations, requiring minimal top tooling.

Changeover from one gear to another is simple and can be

accomplished in minutes. Diaphragm chucks contain no moving,

wearable parts, eliminating downtime and maintenance costs.

⚫The Universal Gear Diaphragm Chuck provides consistent and

controlled accuracy on every run. The chuck features pull back

action against fixed stops for positive location. The inherent

diaphragm chuck mobility permits ?float ” to compensate for gear

spacing errors due to machining or heat treatment distortion.



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Size Clamping Range
180 26-127
250 100-202
320 191-293
430 278-380

In addition to the other instructions, all dimensions are mm.