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Diaphragm Chuck(Ultra Precision)


Technical Features:

⚫Super-precision processing diaphragm chuck accuracy cant reach

up to 0.0003mm and rotating speed up to 12000r/min;

⚫Pullback clamp, the shortest clamping length is about 1.5mm;

⚫Rely on the inner air cylinder to open the jaws, and the diaphragm

self spring force is used to clamp the parts;

⚫Clamping jaws can be designed non-standard in quantity and

shape to clamp different working conditions;

⚫The diaphragm chuck jaws are feasible to quick-change design.The

same chuck body can suit different workpieces;

⚫Ultra-precision diaphragm chuck can change the clamping mode of

inside and outside diameter by changing top jaws;

⚫According to the working conditions, provide quick change typel

standard typel fixed type, etc;

⚫The special internal structure makes the ultra-precision diaphragm

chuck lighter than the general chucks


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Size A B C D E F Weight
3” 80 50.8 21 17 45 25 1.3KG
4” 101 82.55 22 14.5 47.2 44 2KG
5” 127 101.6 22 12.5 42 50 3.5KG
6” 150 125 22 13.2 51.5 60 5.2KG

Unless otherwise specified, all dimensions are mm.